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Whatever bits of info that we can find on historical org charts, events or battles.

The German Army Infantry Platoon 1939-1942

German Camouflage
A series dealing with the Camouflage schemes applied on German vehicles.

Jagdpanther, Part I
Jagdpanzer IV, Part I, Part II
Panther, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V
Panzer IV, Part I, Part II, Part III
StuG III, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
Tiger, Part I, Part II, Part III

WW2 German Secret Weapons
A series that details the many futuristic aircraft projects or prototypes that Germany developed during WW2.

Episode 1: Henschel Hs. P87 by Kevin Wafer
Episode 2: Henschel Hs. P135 by Kevin Wafer
Episode 3: Heinkel He. P1078b by Kevin Wafer
Episode 4: Junkers Ju. Ef 128 by Kevin Wafer
Episode 5: Messerschmitt Me. Libelle by Kevin Wafer
Episode 6: Blohm Voss BV. P170 by Kevin Wafer
Episode 7: Horten Ho XVIIIb by Kyle Scott
Episode 8: Junkers EF 126 by Kyle Scott
Episode 9: Arado Ar TEW 16/43-19 by Kyle Scott
Episode 10: Focke-Wulf Fw “Super TL” by Kyle Scott
Episode 11: Messerschmitt Me 264/6M by Kyle Scott
Episode 12: Focke-Wulf Fw P.II by Kyle Scott
Episode 13: Junkers “Ground Attack” by Kyle Scott
Episode 14: Junkers EF128 by Kyle Scott
Episode 15: Von Braun Interceptor by Kyle Scott
Episode 16: Wesserflug We. P1003/1 VTOL by Kyle Scott