Painting Services

Who we are and why do we do it?

Hi there and thank you for your interest in the painting services that we offer!
We’re quite a small group of passionate wargamers and we play all kinds of stuff, from Games Workshop Warhammer to Flames of War and Clash of Empires. Some of us can paint quite well, and naturally we thought to offer our skills to fellow gamers that don’t have the talent or time (oh boy, we do know about lack of time!) to do it.

How do we do it?

Well, it’s easy enough. You contact us and specify what you want painted. We get the miniatures; we paint them and ship them back. Just kidding, we know it’s not that simple:

Contacting us is where you can email us with any inquiries that you have. We can give you price estimates, time estimates, establish if we have someone available for your exact need, etc. We’re flexible also and can negotiate any part of the deal so you can be satisfied with the value that you’re getting.

Getting the miniatures to us

You can either:
a) Send your miniatures to us and shipping is your responsibility and cost.
b) Have us buy the miniatures locally (we can’t guarantee we find them but we have a pretty good stock of Plastic Soldier and Games Workshop available) and save on shipping cost
We’re happy to do it however you want. Obviously if you are buying a whole new army it would be better to have us buy it locally but in case you already bought it then we would need it sent to us. If you are sending your miniatures to us please get them tracked!
We will make pics of the shipment as soon as it arrives especially if we need to show you potential damage due to the courier.
If you would like us to buy them for you we require payment upfront for the miniatures. We can provide a receipt for them so you will have legal coverage.

Painting the miniatures

At this stage work starts and after the very first miniatures are completed we will send you pictures to confirm that we can go ahead and finish the whole job on that standard. Once you approve the color scheme and overall look of the miniatures we require a 30% deposit of the painting service value to proceed to finish. As each unit or item (in the case of large monsters or large vehicles) is finished we will provide pictures so you can follow the progress first hand.

Getting the miniatures back to you

As the work is finished we will pack your miniatures to a high standard. Bubble wrap is the code word as we do know the pain of getting broken miniatures from a careless packer. Trust us; this is not the case here! We will also send you pictures of the package so you can check the wrapping job.
Before shipping the miniatures back to you we require full payment of the remaining 70% commission value plus the shipping cost from Romania to you. Shipping cost can be provided in our initial discussion also so that you are not surprised at any point by any additional costs. The package will be sent tracked of course.
We have no problem shipping World Wide but we prefer European countries due to the fact that it is quite faster than the Rest of the World. We are not responsible for delays in the package as you can use the tracking number to check for the progress yourself.

Price List

Prce List

Cleaning and Assembly

We take great care in cleaning all the flash lines and assembling the miniatures in a professional way. You will not find awkward arm positions or gaps in our miniatures.
Please note that you can send the models to us cleaned and assembled already, reducing your cost. If they come brand new in the box however you will get charged for this service.


Done with an airbrush using good primer paint.
Please note that you can send the models primed, reducing your cost. If they come brand new in the box or unprimed you will get charged for this service.

Basic Basing versus Advanced Basing

Basic Basing is represented by painting the base of the model and adding a few details to it (a small flock of grass, maybe a pebble stone or two).
Advanced Basing lets our expert modelers be creative and add allot of detail that really makes the miniature stand out.
Please note that you can opt to not have any basing done at all, reducing your cost. In that case we will NOT mount the miniatures on their bases in order to give you the freedom to base them as you would like.

Basic Painting versus Advanced Painting

Basic Painting is done on a tabletop standard. The models will be carefully painted and highlighted or dry brushed. This is not just a 3 color job.
Advanced Painting is where only our most talented guys will work. Multiple layers of highlights and washes will be applied to the model to really make it stand out as a masterpiece.
For examples of Basic Painting versus Advanced Painting you can browse our Commission gallery.

Special Consideration

Our aim is also to spread Wargaming in Romania however some miniatures do have prohibited prices for most of our potential fans. We are deeply involved in our local communities and this is why we kindly accept up to 25% of the painting cost to be paid in miniatures. You can contact us and specify that from the total cost of X you would like 25% to be covered by the following items that you will also send. Please do not expect to negotiate full value for these items as we will most likely value them at 40-50% RRP value, be them either new or second hand.

Our Team