State of War Episode 6

Space! Not the final frontier, but the actual gaming space that us wargamers need to be able to…well…play! Having an assembly/painting desk is nice and dandy and extremely important however having a playing table is the icing on the cake. The possibility of setting up a table whenever you want for a nice game with friends or a solo adventure is something each of us dreams of. Personally, for me, that gaming table would actually help in getting some more content available for the website in the form of a few solo AAR’s for various game systems and i would actually get some practice and actual value out of all the rulebooks i buy (especially Flames of War).

However for now the prospect is grim and I can’t see any possibility of actually getting more then 3×3 feet available for a small table. That is smaller then what you would normally need, namely 6×4. So pondering that while reading TMP forums (what, you don’t know TMP forums?) i came across the 6mm range. 6mm is actually 1:300 and there are several companies that produce miniatures in that scale (well, that and 1:285). In case i lost you on the way, let me explain. Flames of War is a 15mm game played on a 6×4 feet table. Using 6mm miniatures and scaling down all the measurements means you can play that same game on a 2.4×1.6 table. Of course ideally it would be better on a 3×2 as you get some more wiggle room and yes, this does not solve the tank park issue (the fact that in Flames of War usually the tanks are deployed shoulder to shoulder, unrealistically). However it does mean that i can get some games in and actually practice some army lists.

State of War Episode 6 That’s the playing area.

I dived into researching the option and was pretty amazed to find that some 6mm vehicles are actually crispier and more detailed then some 15mm ones. GHQ springs to mind and if you don’t know what i mean then just visit their website and take a look. Here’s a sneak peak for a vehicle that i would have swore it’s actually 15mm.

State of War Episode 6

Great quality comes with a steep price (well, lower then the actual PSC/Battlefront/FiB/etc price) and after adding up all that i wanted to order for 2 starter armies (Germans and Americans, Late War) i arrived at the grand sum of 300-400 pounds. Yikes! Suddenly those lower quality Heroics and Ross seemed very tempting. A few days later and with a price tag of only around 100 pounds (shipping included) this is what i actually ordered. Vehicles are generally 40 pence a piece and infantry comes in groups of 50 for 2.5 pounds.

160 German Infantry with Heavy Weapons, Panzershreck teams and Command options
3 x PaK 40 Anti-tank guns
2 x 7.5cm Infantry guns
4 x 15cm Howitzer
2 x 8.8cm Anti-tank guns
4 x StuG III G
4 x Marder III M
3 x Sdkfz 234/2 Puma
3 x Sdkfz. 7/1 Quad 20mm
12 x Panzer IV H
12 x Panther
9 x Kfz.70 trucks
3 x Wespe
4 x Mobelwagen
4 x Kubelwagen
3 x Jagdpanzer IV/70
10 x Sdkfz. 250 with various options

160 American Infantry with Heavy Weapons, Bazooka teams and Command options
12 x M4A1 Sherman
10 x M5A1 Stuart
4 x M10 Tank Hunters
2 x M20 Scout Cars
3 x M8 Scout Cars
12 x Jeeps
24 x M3 Halftracks
2 x M15 AA Halftracks
2 x M16 AA Halftracks
6 x M7 Priest
6 x M1 Anti-tank gun
4 x M2A1 Howitzer
4 x M1 155mm guns
3 x M8 Howitzer
3 x M21 Mortar Carrier Halftrack

It’s quite a haul, isn’t it? I spent around 2 days figuring out what i would need to field pretty much every option from the German and American basic lists (V3 manual) and once i was pretty sure what i needed i simply sent the order. I was hoping to get it sometimes after Christmas (ordered around the 20th) but that wasn’t feasible (and i completely understood) so right now i am waiting for my delivery in mid January. I am extremely anxious to get it all, to paint it and actually start pumping out some AAR’s!

3 comments on “Flames of War in 6mm

  1. Shaun Travers

    Should be a fun project. I have played a few WW2 rules designed for 15mm/20mm scaled down to a small table and 6mm and using centimetres rather than inches. Lots of fun! Hopefully you will enjoy the experience as well.

  2. herbertrjtarkel

    Should have gone for the GHQ – the difference is more than worth it!

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