Tig Con and Wargames Romania

On 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May we were present at TiG Con, the first Boardgame Convention in Romania!Pe 22, 23 si 24 Mai am fost prezenti la TiG Con, prima conventie de Boardgames din Romania!

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Dust Tactics: New Releases February 2014

Bellow you will find the new Starter kits for Dust Tactics. Let me just say that the value for these is AMAZING! In each box you get:

3 different units + 1 Hero
Stat cards for each unit
1 board game mat
12 faction dice
Complete set of rules
Terrain markers (needed to pay the missions)

For 50 Euros. You can’t beat that price, especially if we’re talking high quality sculpted miniatures. But you know what? I’ll let you decide. Just check the starters out and …. look at that Mech!

Dust Tactics: New Releases February 2014

Dust Tactics: New Releases February 2014

Dust Tactics: New Releases February 2014

18th of February 2014

2 more months have passed and allot happened in the meantime!

Another Easy Model order has arrived. This means that at the moment we have quite a list of Diecast tanks and also 2 1/72 airplanes for collectors. Also we have received the first Gripping Beast order. GB is a company specialized on metal miniatures from the antiquity and the medieval period, promoting also their own game system: SAGA. Up next is a huge Flames of War order for those very sought after starter kits.

On 16th of February the first demo for Flames of War took place at Red Goblin. Being the first event of this kind held by us it has been a learning experience but you can read about it in the dedicated article.

We want to start posting miniature news on a weekly basis from the different producers that we collaborate with. Also up next is the second article for the “Meet the… wargamer” series and also several other topics useful for those in the hobby.

All the best!