This week has seen our site be updated and allot of content was added. Of course there’s much more to work on before it will reach the desired format. First of all we have to focus on translating all articles from english to romanian and this can be hard to do sometimes when all you want is just to add much more content. The Gallery has to be taken up to date with all old articles and of course have all the new ones added (already on the pipeline and waiting). Both game systems (Flames of War and DBA) need more guides and probably a mini-guide of an actual game so that potential gamers see what they are all about.

On the merchandise part we’re quite pleased with what we have for the moment. Almost all 1:100 range for PSC and Zvezda and soon Corvus Belli will send the DBA armies. We want to send a big order to Battlefront by the end of the month tops but we need customers to complete it. It’s not about the money but to actually know what to order for potential buyers. In the future we also want to send an order to QRF (metal that is cheaper then Battlefront) and Warlord Games (28mm Ancient, Napoleonics and WW2).

That’s about it for this week! Thank you for your support and if you have any friends with this passion please send them our way. We’re willing to search and bring anything for genre fans. Our purpose is to spread this hobby and make it as accessible as possible.

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