Dark Eldar ships

Battlefleet Gothic ships are hard to come by as the game is OOP for several years now. One might have luck going on Ebay or other popular portal to buy some but most of the offerings out there are based on the popular Imperial Navy, Chaos powers or Orks. Rare (and expensive) are the ships of Tau, Eldar, Necrons or Dark Eldar. Paul Hagane demonstrates for us how he got a few Dark Eldar ships for his fleet out of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy spare bits.

Scratch built Dark Eldar ships

It’s fairly uncomplicated. For the flat one i have used two DE jetbike pieces, Dark Eldar warrior head and gun, all third edition Warhammer 40k.

The weapon in front is a crossbow bolt clip from the 6th edition DE warrior box. I like it because it makes it look a bit like mandibles on a spider, but I’m sure any spiky bit will do the trick if you don’t have it.

Dark Eldar ships

For this one, same dealL: DE Warrior heavy weapon and spiky bits, jetbike pieces on top and below plus a hollow plastic rod, ~3mm diameter or so.

Dark Eldar ships Dark Eldar ships

Battlefleet Gothic is a tabletop game sporting spaceships from various races fighting it out on the vast expanse of the Warhammer 40k universe. It has by far the most intense fan base out there (considering it is a game no longer supported by the producing company) and its appeal lies within the simple and strong rules that provide a fast and furious battle. Not negligible is the amount of customization that can go into the models, as proven above.

A computer game version is set to be released in 2015 and is eagerly awaited by the fans, although the exact gameplay specifics have not been unraveled yet. But as long as they have battleships, what more would you want?

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