Meet Matei Tanase aka Zeber as our debut in “Meet the… Wargamer” series.Faceti cunostinta cu Matei Tanase aka Zeber in debutul seriei “Faceti cunostinta cu un… Wargamer”.



Wargamer, boardgamer, modeler or all 3?

Wargamer and boardgamer.

What was your spark that lit the passion?

Warhammer 40k was my first love. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War was just being launched and a friend told me it’s inspired from a tabletop game. That was the moment when Google “opened my eyes”.

Warhammer Dawn of War

Was it easy, hard, pleasant, annoying, to get into such a hobby?

It was everything. Because there’s always stuff coming up: personal, community wise and organizational wise (I’m not referring to the store, tourneys, stock, etc).

What’s the biggest impediment right now against wargaming?

Lack of publicity mostly (well, less of that this past years) and the fact that allot of Romanians cant digest the idea of paying for your free time.

What’s your favorite game system right now?

Warmachine/Hordes from Privateer Press.


Why is that?

Well, because the mechanics of the game allow me to control allot of its variables so that i can increase my chances of success with different buffs/debuffs/combos.

Memorable moments?

When a Skaven Stormvermin unit (from Warhammer Fantasy) held from being charged by a Dwarf Longbeard unit led by a Dwarf Lord. That won me the game but the next match they ran off the table on turn 2 due to a Priest.

Do you think luck influences this kind of games?

All the time. Long term the average tends to 50% but there are moments when you have incredible luck and moments when you want to just smash the die.

Do you play anything competitively (international)?

No and I’m not really attracted to that level. It can be played but it’s not necessarily something i would have fun with.

What other armies/systems/boardgames do you own?

I have a Skaven Warhammer Fantasy army, a Protectorate of Menoth Warmachine army and allot of models for Empire (WFB), Tau (W40k), Chaos Space Marines, etc. And for boardgames the list is quite long but some notable examples are Shogun, Ticket to Ride and Ricochet Robots.

Shogun Boardgame

Do you blog?


Any advice for other passionate present and future players?

Patience. Once there is passion patience is the most important.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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