In this article you will meet Laurentiu Rusen aka Laudarkul, a diehard Imperial Guard player!



Wargamer, boardgamer, modeler or all 3?

Wargamer in the first place. But i started as a modeler and a few kits are still waiting for a good couple of years for me to find some time for them.

What was the spark that lit the passion?

The spark? Well, i have a younger brother (1 year difference). And since during the Ceausescu era you could find the famous plastic soldiers and vitocom (romanian lego) the brotherly fight was transposed into toy soldier wars: me with the cowboys, him with the indians; me with the Germans, him with the Russians; me with the French, him with the Britons and so on.

How were the first steps into the hobby?

The hobby just came along. RDG models and a gaming system developed with my brother to be able to maneuver our armies. I’d say easy and pleasant to answer the question.

Which is the biggest obstacle in your opinion in this moment to gaming?

Spare time. Aside work and my thesis i also enjoy strategy games on my PC (Medieval Total War 2 and Rome Total Realism are daily plays for about 2 years) plus literature (historical/fictional and belletristic)

Favorite gaming system now?

Warhammer 40k.

Why Warhammer 40k?

Beautiful miniatures, solid rules and heavy Science Fiction brother! And one of the best Universes.

Memorable moments?

Participating in ETC 2012 in Poland. A totally new experience: a competitive environment from the gaming point of view but also due to interactions with other mentalities.

Do you think luck plays a big part in this sort of games?

Yes and that’s why it is so relaxing and pleasant.

Do you play competitively?

Meh. Not so much competitively but more on the friendly side.

What armies/systems do you own?

Owwwwwww … That’s a tough one. Let’s begin:
Wh40k: Imperial Guard (first and forever love because the Guard dies but it does not surrender), Grey Knights (because they are impressive both as models and as fluff), Sisters of Battle/Adeptus Sororitas (nuns with guns, For the Emperor and Burn the Heretics!). I’m gathering models for a Space Marine 30k army (aka Alpha Legion) and Dark Eldars (an evil army in my personal rooster).
Fantasy: Wood Elves (first love; i never actually started them yet but this year i want to paint and play at least 1000 points out of the 4000 that i have).
Ancients: Byzantines (first love Ancients), EIR (Romans from the old romanian wargame Romans and Dacians), Seleucids/Macedonians (Seleucos rule!); and an unplayed Saladin & co. (an evil army)…
Flames of War: Germans for sure!

Any advice for other players?

Before spending test and see what you really like.

(Wargames Romania: And that, folks, is a really useful advice from such a hardcore wargamer!)

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