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1st World Problems

Keeping up with the hobby can be daunting task at times. It seems that some days you can’t get a break even if you’d pause all the things going on in your life and when you can actually count on a few hours (or even a full day) of spare time you get flooded with everything you wanted to do (hint: each wargamer has at least 2-3 projects on the go at once).

The wargames hobby

First of all, i acquired some time ago a small Lizardmen force for Warhammer Fantasy. The price was excellent and even if i did not need (define “need” for a wargamer) the miniatures i believed it was a good opportunity so i took it. I then started to see if i could sell those miniatures at a small profit or trade them for things that actually interest me. Well, that opportunity presented itself to me and i happily sent the Lizzies to the UK, receiving a nice package in return.

For the record, i sent:

10 Temple Guards
16 Saurus Warriors
20 Skinks
2 Salamander packs
3 Rypperdactyls
1 Stegadon

And received:

5 Imperial Cruisers for BFG
2 Firestorm Frigates for BFG
1 Apocalypse Battleship for BFG
Around 50 Assorted Orks for Warhammer 40k including 10 nobs, 2-3 warlords and 2-3 deathkoptas.

wargames hobby

Imperial ships for Battlefleet Gothic

wargames hobby

50 assorted Orks for Warhammer 40k

wargames hobby

The Ork Warlord

Naturally, the Imperial BFG ships are a welcomed addition to my forces. I would lie if i would say i do not fancy hoarding a nice imperial fleet to go with my “Do it yourself” Chaos Cruisers. Here they all are in their glory.

wargames hobby

My BFG collection

Am i planning to paint them all? Hell, yes! But just Google “Imperial Cruiser Battlefleet Gothic” and it becomes apparent there are so many good paint jobs out there that it’s actually quite hard to take a decision. So in the meantime i just ponder the paint jobs and read the old blue book.

Speaking of Warhammer 40k, no, i don’t have any plan on getting it on however i just love the Ork miniatures and if i can spend allot less money getting them through trades I’d gladly take them. I used to have a huge army bought at a huge discount but i gave it away exactly when i started Wargames Romania. It actually funded this site and my small shop, so that’s proof you can always find new ways to re-invest your miniatures.

Random picture with extremely cheap (3-4 pounds each) rulebooks that i bought. I won’t use them for sure but i enjoy reading them whenever i need a dose of the (yes, it is) awesome 40k universe.

wargames hobby

Dark Eldar and Warhammer 40k rulebooks

Do you have these 1st world problems?

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  1. Dan

    During the last 4 years, I have bought: 900 British Infantry, 60 Cavalry and 12 Cannons for the Peninsular War. They are unpainted. 150 British soldiers for the Sudan Campaign. They are unpainted. 220 Macedonians. They are unpainted. 200 Republican Romans. They are unpainted. 150 Arabs and Turks for the Crusades. They are unpainted. 96 Norman Knights and 120 Norman Infantry. 12 Knights are painted. And I will buy much more before I paint any. So yes, I believe I do 🙂

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